A/V Needs for the Modern Conference Room

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modern conference room

Have you ever attended a meeting in a really cool conference room, complete with sleek business presentation technology, seamless video communication, and more? With today’s audio visual technology, all of that is within your reach. Once your office’s basic data and communication needs have been met, next you’ll want to focus on the conference room. Depending on the size and nature of your business, A/V needs for the modern conference room can be rather complex. Luckily, there are many options and features available to meet your needs—and impress your clients.

A/V Needs: What to Consider

When designing your office’s conference room setup, two major things you’ll need to consider are the size of your staff and the function(s) you need the space to serve. In other words, what will you use it for? Interviews and small client meetings? Large corporate presentations? Project collaboration? Group conference calls? Video calls with colleagues and/or high-profile clients across the globe?

Modern Conference Room Options and Features

Once you’ve answered the questions above, you’ll be able to determine the best A/V setup to suit the needs of your individual business. Available options and features include:

  • 1080p High Definition flat panel displays—for clear, crisp video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Curved panel displays—such as the Samsung 4K UHD JU6700 Series Curved Smart TV—for video streaming that’s even more vivid and lifelike
  • Video projectors and projector screens—to take your PowerPoint presentation to the next level, and to ensure that all videos and slides are visible to everyone in the room
  • High-quality overhead speakers—to ensure that no one misses the details during an important presentation or conference call
  • Central control system—so that you can easily control everything right from your smartphone or tablet

Paramount Audio Visual is your source for a/v services in the St. Louis area. Our A/V experts will help design the perfect modern conference room to fit your needs and your budget. We’ll take care of all necessary product orders, equipment installation, and permits. And our sister company, Paramount Electric, can solve all your data and communication needs!

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