Backyard Theater for Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

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backyard theaterThe hot St. Louis summer is finally over, and it’s time to get out and enjoy the nice September weather. Why waste a beautiful evening in a stuffy, pitch-black movie theater? Imagine chilling on your patio chairs or relaxing in your hot tub while watching a favorite movie beneath the night sky. With a backyard theater, you can do just that.

Outdoor Theater Components

What goes into building a backyard theater? The basic components of an outdoor theater system are simple. They include a video projector, a screen, speakers, and some form of seating. Or, as an alternative to the video projector and screen, another great option is an outdoor TV. For the best movie-watching experience, you’ll want to invest in high-quality electronics—including either a good projector screen or a well-rated outdoor TV, like the SunBriteTV or Peerless Outdoor TV. Surround sound speakers are also highly recommended so that you can feel fully immersed in the movie.

Customizing Your Backyard Theater

Looking for a truly premium backyard theater experience? So many options are available as far as outdoor theater system products, design, and set-up. You may decide to install the TV or projector screen over your pool or hot tub, against an exterior wall of your house, or near the perimeter of your yard (leaving plenty of space for friends, family, and neighbors). For premium mood lighting, as well as safety and convenience, you may want to incorporate an outdoor lighting control system. You can even choose colorful speakers that coordinate with your patio décor to achieve a seamless look or fun pop of color. And for ultimate personalization and convenience, incorporate smart technology so that you can control everything right from your smartphone or tablet.

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Backyard Theater Installation

For the sake of safety and functionality, all electrical components of your backyard theater must be weathersafe or properly weatherproofed. And they must be installed correctly. The experts at Paramount Audio Visual can convert your outdoor area into a custom outdoor movie theater designed specifically for your backyard. We will ensure that all audio and/or video components are weatherproof or weather-protected to effectively deliver crystal clear HD sound and video to your backyard theater.

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