Basic Guide to Surround Sound Speakers

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Do you love the experience of surround sound but (if you’re being honest) aren’t really sure what types of speakers make up a legit surround sound system? Keep reading for info on the basic components of surround sound speakers. Plus, learn about the difference between the three most common types of speaker systems.

What Are the Basic Components of Surround Sound Speakers?

A basic surround sound system consists of a subwoofer and five speakers: the center channel speaker, two front speakers (left and right), and two surround speakers (left and right). Each piece has its own role and position. A quality five-speaker system—such as the MartinLogan Motion Series—is capable of producing a full surround sound experience. But you may be curious about other options and upgrades for your home theater

What’s the Difference Between 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 Channel Systems?

The basic five-speaker system described above is a 5.1 channel system. You can create a 7.1 or 9.1 surround sound system by throwing more speakers into the mix. In addition to the subwoofer and five speakers listed above, a 7.1 channel system also includes two rear surround speakers (left and right). And a 9.1 channel system includes two front height speakers (left and right) on top of all that. Are you looking for cinema-quality sound effects with enhanced directionality and intensity of sound? Consider upgrading to 7.1 channels. Do you really want to take your speaker system to the next level? Consider upgrading to 9.1 channels. The 9.1 system adds a whole new vertical dimension to the home audio experience.

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