Control your home system with the touch of a button. A home automation control panel touchscreen can offer an all-in-one security and home management solution with an LCD touchscreen and remote control capabilities. It can connect all the different devices in your home, such as lights, appliances, air conditioning and heating systems, security systems and much more.


Key pads

Because they are permanently connected to your home’s wireless network, a keypad control panel is always ready with real-time information about your home. With the press of one button you can dim the lights, fire up your favorite playlist , and set your surround sound’s volume.  And if you have a security camera system installed, you’ve got instant access to check on the kids in the back yard or to investigate an odd noise in the garage from the safety of your bedroom.

Some touch screens offer two-way feedback.  This means that in addition to controlling your home’s components, the key pad control panel will inform you of the components’ status.
In-wall controllers are great because you’ll never lose them.  However, they do lack mobility that an app or remote solution offers.


Touch Screens

Touch screens are the big brother of the keypad.  They unite all of your home’s remote controls, keypads and iOS apps to offer you the ultimate in choice. Touch screen controllers are always-on and sits in-wall in a sleek, low-profile enclosure that looks great in any environment. Many offer extraordinary graphics which can be personalized to display weather, time and climate info, music album cover art, photo slide shows and more! Move between screens by simple finger swipes to enjoy instant access to handy visuals and controls.


Wand style remotes bring whole house system automation to new heights. Two way RF capabilities enable you to browse playlists from iPods, activate lighting scenes and adjust the climate in your home.

Remotes can be installed as single zone controllers, or a as a multi-room remote so you can expand control to additional rooms without interference. One of our smart home automation specialists will work with you to discover what works best for your unique situation and create a custom solution based on those needs.

Breakthrough room linking technology allows users to control all room volumes simultaneously from just one remote and link the sources in any room furthermore. Your days of leaving the couch are over!



Swipe, drag, tap and rotate  between landscape & portrait views. Control all of your entertainment, lighting, alarm systems and more with an app for you iOS or Android devices.  A great benefit to an App solution for your home automation control is that you can control your home from anywhere! Imagine being able to check your home’s surveillance cameras from your car before heading home or lowering the lights in your home theater for family movie night without leaving the couch. With an app on your smart phone or tablet, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll always have your device handy.

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