Thinking Ahead: Electrical Backbone for New Construction

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electrical backbone Whether you’re a builder, a buyer purchasing new construction, or a homeowner tackling a remodel, it’s always a good idea to think ahead. Consider equipping the home with a solid electrical backbone now—so that you won’t have to bust open the walls again later. The experts at Paramount Audio Visual will install a new home electrical backbone well suited to meet both your current and future audio/video needs.

What Is an Electrical Backbone?

An electrical backbone, or structured wiring, is an electrical system designed to equip your home or business for future technological upgrades. The goal is to efficiently distribute a variety of data signals throughout the building to support things like cable TV, telephone, internet, and computer networks. When building a brand new home, you may not have the budget for expensive extras (like a high-tech home automation system or wireless audio system) right away. An electrical backbone gives you the flexibility to easily add those things later—on your own timeline, as your budget allows. Plus, it adds value to your property.

Why Install a New Home Electrical Backbone?

There are two major benefits to equipping your new home (or business) with a solid structured wiring system: upgrade capability and significant cost savings down the line.

Evolving Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. An electrical backbone gives you the option for easy upgrades in the future. Thus it allows you to keep up with the times and stay on trend with the latest technology.

Cost Savings

When it comes time to upgrade, structured wiring eliminates the need for costly renovations. You won’t have to do extensive rewiring or open up any walls. This means that any future technological updates will be much more affordable.

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