Gift Ideas for the Gadget Lover

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gift ideas for the gadget lover

Happy Holidays! Here at Paramount Audio Visual, we love high-tech Christmas gifts. Do you have family members or loved ones who like to stay up-to-date on the latest technology when it comes to audio/video and tech devices? Here are some great gift ideas for the gadget lover in your life.

Best Gadget Gifts

The following gadget gifts are great for music lovers, movie lovers, and gamers:

Gift Ideas for the Gadget Lover / Homeowner

Is the gadget lover in your life also a homeowner? Here are some cool electronic gift ideas that will help make their home feel more like a castle:

  • Central controllers for integrated home automation—such as the URC MRX-8 Compact Controller—allow the tech lover to sync up all electronic devices throughout their home and control everything from the palm of their hand.
  • Home monitoring systems like Withings Home—which serves as a security camera, baby monitor, and pet cam all rolled into one, with all the high-tech bells and whistles you can think of.
  • Smart thermostats—like the Nest Learning Thermostat—are the gift that keeps on giving! Homeowners will appreciate the high-tech convenience as well as the fact that they will save money on their heating and cooling bills all year round.
  • Home theater rooms can be enjoyed by the whole family. Pull out all the stops by installing a full home movie theater with a curved-screen TV or movie projector, surround-sound speakers, custom lighting, comfortable seating—and don’t forget the popcorn!

Want more gift ideas for the gadget lover in your life? Need help choosing and installing electronic holiday gifts? Contact us! Our team of experts has the skills needed to order, design, wire, and install all types of home electronics. Call our office at 314-266-6551 or email to get started.