Home Automation for the Holidays

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Now is the perfect time of year to think about home automation. All the hustle, bustle, and traveling around the holidays can be stressful. Home automation systems reduce stress and make your life a little easier. These systems are all about simplicity, efficiency, control, and—most of all—convenience. They also offer the benefit of boosting home security and electrical safety. Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, consider the gift of home automation this holiday season.

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Sync Up Your New Electronics

Once all the gifts are unwrapped, you may find that you have several new electronic gadgets in your house. Wouldn’t it be nice to control everything in one place from your smartphone, tablet, or a single remote? For maximum convenience, consider investing in a central controller for integrated home automation, such as the URC MRX-8 Compact Controller. This device allows you to take charge of one room or your entire home and yard—from anywhere. You can automate your TV, music, lighting, thermostat, security system, and more. You can even control your Christmas lights!

Learn about more options for controlling your home system using a remote, keypad, touch screen, or mobile app.

Boost Holiday Safety

Home automation is a great way to increase home safety around the holidays. For one, it will allow you to monitor your alarm system while you’re away. And if you have security cameras installed, you can view the security monitor from your mobile device. This provides extra protection and peace of mind, especially if you’re traveling. Home automation can also reduce fire hazards. The National Fire Protection Association reports that one-third of home heating fires are caused by space heaters. Help prevent this fire hazard by automating your space heater so that you can control it with your smartphone to ensure it is turned off when you’re not home.

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