Solutions for Your Home’s Security

If you are looking for home security, intrusion detection and family security, then call Paramount Audio Visual. We offer the ability to use security cameras to monitor your home, both on premise and remotely. Our goal is to deliver systems and service that gives you and your family complete confidence regarding the protection of your house, property and most importantly your family.

We offer security cameras and monitors that can be viewed via mobile app.   These IP cameras are a great security solution that doesn’t require a monthly monitoring service.  We also install security camera systems that are monitored by security service.  Both options have their pros and cons. Our expert security camera and monitor installers can discuss the benefits of each system to help you decide on a solution that’s right for you.

Studies have shown that criminals are less likely to burglarize homes when they notice security alarms or surveillance cameras than homes that don’t have these security devices visible.

Let the St. Louis expert security camera & monitor professionals at Paramount Audio Visual assess your home’s security needs with a free consultation.  We’re here to lend our expertise to your next home security project – please call us with any questions at 314-266-6551 or send us a message.